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                                                Computer Security

Ad Ware, Viruses, even Ransom Ware are some things that we  hear about in the world of computers.
We wonder if it will ever stop. You know that it won't, because someone  likes to corrupt your computer or steal your money from you. Since that is the case, what are we to do?

Thankfully there are many companies that have software that helps keep our computers running clean. It is a tough field to be in since world wide many are actively making bad viruses and programs designed to infect your computer.

Their programs are very sneaky too, not telling you that they are there. I find it amazing that these companies can even keep up with the onslaught. They have expert programmers and cryptologists working 24 - 7 - 365.

Now many of these companies offer free programs to keep your computer safe. They do a really nice job too.
Many build up their reputation so they can charge for their programs. I like the free ones since they help out the "little guy" that may not be able to afford the cost. Those companies usually have paid programs with many more features to keep your computer safe.

You should have several types of programs in active duty to keep you safe. One virus scanner, one for ad ware, one for registry clean. Sometimes more than one scanner may be necessary to clean your computer.

You must be careful though since most of these programs modify content on your computer you may lose data or other information. Run them only after reading about how they work. Make sure if running Windows you do a restore point to go backwards if needed. Backup of data is usually a good policy too.

Virus scanners  Norton, Avast, Mcaffee, Bitdefender, Panda, Kerpersky and Micro Trend are several good ones.

Adware Scanners Spybot Search and Destroy, SuperAntiSpyware, Bitdefender Adware Removal, Norton

Registry Scanner  CCleaner, RegClinic, PC Tune Up

Sometimes the download page will itself have bad downloads filled with viruses and such.  It is best to go directly to the company's webpage to download and not get any more junk put on your computer.




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